A Crisis Racking Our Continent

Millions throughout North America are struggling with their mental health. In fact, over 20% of Canadians and Americans experience some form of mental illness in any given year. What’s causing this epidemic—and more importantly, what can be done to help fight it

Join Alex Rodriguez for MindFit as he seeks to shed light on our current mental health crisis. The problems run deep . . . but there is REAL hope, for both those who are struggling and those who love them.

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Four Engaging Presentations

Session 1
Thursday, April 18 - 7 PM

The creepy asylum haunts our imagination, casting a long shadow over mental illness and those who suffer from it. So what happens if we turn on the lights?

Session 2
Friday, April 19 - 7 PM

Anxiety, Depression, Trauma. They wreak havoc on the mind, and millions battle them every single day. We take an inside look  at people’s fight to survive — and thrive!

Session 3
Saturday, April 20 - 7 PM

Mental health treatments have some truly hair-raising histories. Learn how crude past practices evolved into today’s robust and exciting cutting-edge treatments. 

Session 4
Sunday, April 21 - 7 PM

More and more people are successfully combining biblical principles with clinical therapies. Could there be a vital link between spirituality and mental health?

Who's Presenting?

MindFit is co-presented by Alex Rodriguez,  the docu-series host. Alex has had a successful career as a health educator, firefighter, minister, and police officer. Drawing on his professional background, Alex Rodriguez’s compelling documentary-style presentations combine on-location footage, expert interviews, first-person stories, and historical and scientific research. There’s lots to explore, and he’d love to share what he’s learned with you! 

Following each docu-series presentation, local moderator, Jason Williams, will lead an interactive discussion on the session’s topic, where participants can engage with the subject content they have heard, ask questions, and complete the nightly session worksheet.

Alex Rodriguez

Docu-Series Host & Presenter

Why You Should Attend MindFit

It’s not “all in your head.” Mental illness is a harsh everyday reality for millions of people. Many know someone affected, but few understand what their friends and neighbors are really experiencing. Or know how to help.

Join Alex Rodriguez on a journey to better understand the challenges so many face today. Along the way, you’ll meet men and women who have grappled with depression, anxiety, and other common mental conditions—and the skilled practitioners whose methods are helping them find encouraging breakthroughs.

Their stories will educate, inspire, and provide hope to those struggling as well as to those who love them.


The location for each session of the MindFit Mental Health Series is:

Wetaskiwin Adventist Church
470014  Highway 814
Wetaskiwin, AB  T9A 1X1

(Note: This location is just 4 kilometres due north of the Wetaskiwin Hospital and Long Term Care Centre.)

Our Free Gift To You

If you want a peaceful life, it's important that you understand and live in  harmony with the laws of your city, province and country. And, if you  want a long, useful life, it's important that you understand the laws that govern your health. This resource magazine called "8 Secrets to Better Health" can help unlock these eight secrets and give you practical, useful tips for practicing what your learn. 

This magazine is our free gift to all individuals who pre-register for the MindFit Mental Health education series by April 17.
Pre-registered guests can collect their copy on the first night of their attendance. 


Participation in the MindFit Mental Health Series program is free. There is no charge to attend, and free resource materials are provided.  However, in order to adequately facilitate each night’s program, we are asking interested community residents to RSVP their attendance.

You can RSVP your participation by April 17 in one of three ways. 

Join us at the MindFit Mental Health Series and be inspired with new hope today!